sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014


Last April our students from the three bilingual groups took part in a four-day language immersion in Almuñécar ( Granada). The students and their teachers stayed at an apartment complex on the seafront.

On the day of our arrival  they visited the Alhambra, some of the most famous sites in Granada and the Science Park, with short explanations in English of the history of these landmarks.

For the rest of our stay, the students took part in different activities, all of them in English, where they not only enjoyed but  also practised their knowledge of the language. They particularly enjoyed the “Talent Show”, with their multi-talented monitor Juan, when they had to act and dance to different choreographies.

They also loved the activities on the beach and some of them even dared have a swim, although the water was freezing!

Always appealing to students, the scavenger hunt was challenging as well as  instructive, as they had to find information about the village.

All in all,  students are greatly satisfied with their stay  ( although most of them unreasonably complained about the food!) and the experience  has motivated them to use  their English in real, future situations.

We hope to do something similar next year and that more student will join us!


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